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Year in Risk 2014 2014年12月25日

The years may change, but one constant is that there will always be risks that need to addressed and managed. With natural and -man-made disasters, episodes of corporate malfeasance, and technologica

作者:ERMor | 论坛:最爱话题

领导力新趋势i Leadership 2010年04月08日

所谓新旧的区别只不过在于“领导力”出现的时间顺序。或者可以换种说法,真正的领导力。 一般来说,现在的领导者通常会具备这样的特征:一言九鼎、不容驳斥、爱命令人、态度生硬、居高临下、口气强硬。在

作者:李梦佳 | 论坛:领导力

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作者:专业旁观 | 论坛:管理资源库

Leader As Coach 2010年11月04日

博文节选:Strategies For Coaching AND Developing Others The puepose of leadership is to creat more leaders, not more followers ...   Forge A Partnership: build trust and understan ......阅读全文

作者:Conquer8888 | 论坛:领导力

博文节选:Here are seven lessons for leaders charged with leading their organizations through a crisis: Lesson 1: Leaders must face reality. Reality starts with the person in charge. Leaders need to

作者:ares xiong | 论坛:领导力

博文节选:Business growth and strategic development in the region when TPP has been effectived阅读全文

作者:willychen | 论坛:企业战略

  The leaders in question are likely to be supervisors or leaders operating within small groups and are therefore well placed to make changes which have the greatest impact. Kozlowski explains that

作者:screw freeman | 论坛:领导力

Are You a 'Vigilant Leader'? 2008年07月09日

  itsloan_logo.jpg" ALIGN=left BORDER=0 ALT="">When Dutch drugmaker Organon International Inc. was conducting clinical trials for a new antihistamine, the secretary registering the trial volunteers

作者:Banxian Peninsu | 论坛:领导力

不知看到这个标题你会想到什么?感受如何?如果你目前在工作中就是一名leader,你是感觉到骄傲自豪、激情澎湃?还是感觉得胸闷沉重、举步维艰?   80后有很多当上leader不久的小伙伴告诉我,要当好一名leade

作者:睿博顾问 | 论坛:最爱话题

博文节选:Today, one of my fellow/countryman told me why I speak alound that thing in the office, you must pay more attnetion to what you said leak out and cause you big trouble. I should thank him a

作者:coreqiang | 论坛:领导力
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