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领导力新趋势i Leadership 2010年04月08日

所谓新旧的区别只不过在于“领导力”出现的时间顺序。或者可以换种说法,真正的领导力。 一般来说,现在的领导者通常会具备这样的特征:一言九鼎、不容驳斥、爱命令人、态度生硬、居高临下、口气强硬。在

作者:李梦佳 | 论坛:领导力

博文节选:Business growth and strategic development in the region when TPP has been effectived阅读全文

作者:willychen | 论坛:企业战略

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作者:专业旁观 | 论坛:管理资源库

  The leaders in question are likely to be supervisors or leaders operating within small groups and are therefore well placed to make changes which have the greatest impact. Kozlowski explains that

作者:screw freeman | 论坛:领导力

博文节选:Here are seven lessons for leaders charged with leading their organizations through a crisis: Lesson 1: Leaders must face reality. Reality starts with the person in charge. Leaders need to

作者:ares xiong | 论坛:领导力

  In today’s fast-moving economy, the dynamics of intergroup leadership are best seen when a merger has taken place. According to Michael Hogg, Professor of Social Psychology at Claremont Graduate

作者:zwing850 | 论坛:领导力

  The leadership style within a self-managing team is far less directive, but more inspiring and even visionary. Here the leader develops team capabilities to be able to make decisions, understands

作者:柠檬丫 | 论坛:领导力

    本书将告诉你:一、西点军校认为领导力必备哪些特质;二、为什么价值观对于领导力和团队成功至关重要;三、如何高效领导你的团队。  “Be(成为)、Know(了解)、Do(行动)”  近两百年来,西点军校成为美国

作者:llclub | 论坛:领导力

    Human resources leaders in Asia operate in largely uncharted waters. Seldom have legions of businesses converged on the same territories to aim stakes in fast growing markets in such numbers.

作者:谷越 | 论坛:人力资源

    百事前CEO瑞尼蒙德谈领导力:一个真正的领袖,不仅需要有丰富的经验和一双实干的手,还要有一颗同情心。  “Now is a tremendous time to build a career,” Steve Reinemund, former chairman and CEO of

作者:茶韵余香 | 论坛:领导力
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